Ani DiFranco Fan Zine

I am interested in putting together some kind of fan zine that we can distribute at Ani DiFranco concerts to help kind of spread the sense of community and connectedness at the shows. This is still in the hardcore brainstorming stages. All interested parties should join the mailing list.

Mailing List

You can join or leave the mailing list by sending a message to The mailing list is not automated at all so don't worry about formatting your request. Its my address, I'll just throw you on the list as soon as I get the message.

You can send messages to the list by mailing

How you can help

We need submissions before we can do anything. I can take care of layout, management, and organizational stuff and I can even write a few things, but I really need other people to send me stuff. We can't get too many submissions and I can almost guarantee that anything you write will be published. So send me stuff, any stuff. Check out the brainstormy topics list for ideas.

We need art too. Get out your paint/draw/photoshop/pens/pencils and get to work!

Other Stuff

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