Possible Columns or Article Subjects

Here are some topics that I thought we could write about.

Opening Band

For each tour we could put out a different issue and each issue could have an article about the opening band for that tour. Background of the band, how Ani knows the band, pointers to online information about the band, etc.

Ani's Band

It would be cool to include short bio's of Ani's current band members for any given tour.

Folk Music

We could talk about what folk music is and is not. About how folk music is the people's music. About how folk music is more than what most people think it is. About what Ani and Utah have to say on the topic. About how Ani is folk music. About how folk music is different from the mainstream.

Issues Behind the Songs

We could put in an article or two about some of the the political issues that Ani sings about. It would be nice to provide pointers to more information on some of the various causes and issues that Ani is interested in. Maybe have a spotlight organization for each issue or something.

Pointers to the fan community

An introduction to the Ani fan community. How to get in touch with other ani fans. How to get connected with boot traders. Where to find web pages and such.

Concert Ettiquette

We could talk about how it would be nice if people only yelled and screamed and whooped it up _after_ a song and not in the middle of it. Especially the quiet songs. We could bring up a lot of Ani concert quotes about her Anarchist ideas of how people who are bothered by screaming fans should just turn around and tell them to shut up.

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