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As some of us have experienced, there is a well formed fan community on the net. We yack in the discussion groups and we trade tapes. Sometimes we get together before concerts or whatever. It seems like within this community there is a high level of respect for Ani and that we'd all like to see the audiences at shows be more respectful (i.e. shut the hell up _during_ the songs, don't heckle, etc).

I understand from old school Ani fans that this sense of community once applied to the concert crowds as well. Ani fans knew each other, knew about each other, knew Ani, respected each other, and respected Ani. These days I think that the sense of community has dwindled because of Ani's popularity. She plays large venues and an aweful lot of people show up who are just there because they like to hear music at that venue, or because they heard Ani was cool. I am very glad that new folks are getting introduced to the music but unfortunately some people come to the shows expecting something that they don't get and they end up being rude.

So my thought is, lets tell people about Ani, who she is, what kind of music she plays, a little history, a little background, and a little of what kind of fan community is out there (how to get on the newsgroup, how to trade boots, how to find the cool websites, etc) before they even get in their seats. Let them mull it over a little bit. Maybe if they understand Ani as a person, and if they understand the audience as a community (a community that welcomes their presense), then maybe they will think twice before yelling crap in the middle of songs. Maybe they will notice the folks who are around them.

And maybe some folks who are new but love the music can find some interesting people to talk to.

And maybe the folks who pass out the pamphlets can find some interesting people to talk to.

And maybe Ani will be encouraged that most of her fans do care.

And maybe it would be fun to produce a zine.

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