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Career Interests

Software architect, agile team leader, or senior developer in the areas of network design and management, web application design and programming, organizational database development, UNIX systems and network administration, human computer interaction, and information processing.


May 2007
Zend Certified Engineer
August 1995 - May 2000
Univerity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
Chancellor's Scholar
Dean's List
August 1992 - June 1995
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy - Aurora, IL

Computer Experience

Work Experience

January 2004 - February 2005 - Consultant (G-Media USA, Inc.)
February 2005 - November 2007 - Features Programmer (G-Media USA, Inc.)
November 2007 - January 2009 - Lead Programmer (G Media Pty Ltd)
January 2009 - present - Lead Programmer/Architect/Manager (G Media Pty Ltd)
Fulfill roles of Scrum Master (design and implement Agile processes), Product Owner (maintain stories/acceptance specifications), and Programmer Coach (design and review framework architecture) for Web Development Team. Hire and evaluate staff. Manage departmental budget. Transform department from a 2-person cowboy development model to a scalable 5-person Agile (Scrum+XP) model. Oversee system architecture. Design and deliver skills trainings.
Implement core features in a multimedia content management system for high traffic multimedia-rich membership-oriented websites using PHP and JavaScript. Conceive, design, and implement next generation content management system including "Web 2.0" approaches (XML, XSLT, ActiveRecord, AJAX, jQuery). Implement mission critical organizational database using Perl and MySQL. Specialize in understanding and extending the functionality of several existing web application packages (including Trac, OTRS, vBulletin). Provide Linux and Apache admin assistance for multi-node multi-colocated web server cluster. Provide VMware expertise.
Porcupine Mountains Music Festival - Founder
January 2005 - August 2006 - Festival Director
August 2006 - August 2007 - Booking Coordinator
August 2007 - January 2008 - Webmaster/Booking Consultant (volunteer)
Managed all aspects from conception through implementation (grantwriting, booking, website design, promotion, ticket sales, volunteer coordinator, grounds coordination) of a 3 day music festival with over 600 attendees and a $30,000 budget.
Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network - Co-founder/Programmer/Systems Administrator
January 2004 - February 2005
Co-founded a not-for-profit project to design the next generation of community wireless networking software featuring the never-before-implemented Hazy-Sighted Link State Protocol for route dissemination. The project was funded by several major international grants. I was on the team that designed the overall architecture of the project and I implemented the dynamic route visualization software. I represented the project at conferences in Seattle, Washington DC, and Denmark and in meetings at the Federal Communication Commission and with several US Congresspeople.
Acorn Active Media - Co-Founder/Programmer/Systems Administrator
January 2004 - February 2005
Co-founded a not-for-profit software consulting company specializing in the design and implementation of web technologies for non-profit community organizations.
National Center for Super Computing Applications - Systems Engineer
November 2001 - January 2004
Manage heterogeneous collection of machines for Hierarchical Data Format group including HPUX, Solaris, Linux, IRIX, and Windows machines. Problem solver for group with special computing needs not otherwise met by the normal support structure. Inc. - Chief Technical Officer
January 2000 - November 2001
Lead Perl programmer, application designer, and system administrator. In charge of managing and developing all aspects of the technical operation of Created an application framework to support game based e-commerce promotions.
Greg Martin Consulting - Web Programmer
May 1999 - December 2001
C++ programmer and UNIX consultant. Wrote and built C++ CGI applications which interface a SQL server using a custom developed application server framework (3LPOAD). Worked on various educational projects including a districtwide administrative database and an online community server. I developed several key components of the next generation of the 3LPOAD framework, including a C++ Apache module and a code generation framework for database classes. I created configuration and build scripts using the GNU Build System and the Red Hat Package manager.
IMSA On-Line Learning - Web Programmer
May 1999 - September 2001
Perl Programmer. Refactored and extended an existing proof of concept software sketch to a modular extensible Perl5 CGI framework for a specialized educational meta-search engine.
USGS, Water Resources Division, Illinois District
September 1995 - May 1999 - Lead Programmer
Web programmer and software engineer. Duties included software engineering and development for several major national data distribution packages. Our team was one of the first government agencies to put real time data on the Web. I was lead programmer on a team of seven. I was also involved in system administration and LAN design within the district and in the national headquarters.
IMSA Computer Resource Center
June-August 1994, June-August 1995 - Network Server Specialist and Systems Administrator (employee)
April 1993 - June 1995 - Student Network System Administrator (work service)
Lead Solaris and Netware systems administrator for 2 years. My duties included maintainance, upgrade, and development of several networked machines with a user base of over 1000 users. Member of a 3 person team which designed and installed a Solaris and Netware server cluster for the students and faculty of IMSA. Played a leading role in designing a switched campus wide ethernet LAN with several hundred drops, several subnets, multiple protocol support, and a high speed server backbone.


Stixcamp Newstead - Victoria, Australia (March 2009)
representing G-Media, presented a talk on using an XML/XSLT implementation of Template Attribute Language to provide a programming language agnostic View layer for web applications. Gained advanced knowledge in RESTful APIs, usability testing, puppet system administration, mechanical turk, and Australian broadband politics.
Linux.Conf.AU Conference - Tasmania, Australia (January 2009)
representing G-Media, gained advanced knowledge in MySQL derivatives/patches, ksplice kernel technology, Trac+SVN integration, Samba4 active directory integration, and PHP security techniques.
php|tek Conference - Chicago (May 2007)
representing G-Media, earned Zend Certification, gained advanced knowledge in web application optimization, PHP unit testing with Selenium integration, Object-oriented patterns for SQL, web services abstractions, and web programming security techniques
CTCNet Conference - Seattle (June 2004)
representing CU Community Wireless Network, networked with other non-profit organizations providing technical and computer skills training to disadvantaged communities.
Free Press Lobby Day - Washington DC (January 2005)
met with members of US Congress, the Federal Communication Commission, and other non-profit organizations to discuss expanding public unlicensed access to radio spectra, and specifically the benefits of community wireless networks to the public interest.
National Summit on Community Wireless Networks - Champaign-Urbana (August 2004)
organizer, gave presentation on wireless mesh routing, brought together technical professionals, hackers, activists, and community organizers to organize a national coalition for community wireless efforts.
FreiFunk Summer Convention - Djursland, Denmark (September 2004)
gave presentation on wireless mesh routing, networked with German, Danish, Brittish and African groups working on building ad-hoc community wireless networks. gained knowlege of alternative routing protocols. Work on the design proposal for OPN protocol.
Perl Conference 2.0 - San Jose (August 1998)
representing US Geological Survey, gained advanced knowledge in declarative programming methods, advanced OO techniques, LDAP integration, CPAN participation, Perl/Java integration, Unicode i18n and l10n methods, and Perl optimization.


Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center (January 2000 - December 2005)
System administrator, founder of, tech working group spokesperson, liason to global IMC-tech
ACM Mech Mania Programming Contest (October 1996, October 1998, October 1999)
Third place team, (October 1998)
WEFT Community Radio (September 1996 - December 2005)
Airshifter (September 1996 - August 1998, July 2000 - July 2002)
Chair of the Associates (October 1996 - June 2001)


References available upon request.

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