Just Another Leftist Muppet

I used to call myself a Democrat or a Liberal. For a while I toyed with Communist and Anarcho-Syndicalist. None of the labels really seemed to stick. These days I call myself a Leftist Muppet, I think thats suitably vague and yet oddly descriptive. I tend to think the Green Parties are pretty rockin' and always worth a vote.

If anyone has the lyrics to Blogurt's song "Leftist Muppet" handy I would love to post them here.

For me the model world would be a decentralized voluntary confederation of consensus based anarcho-syndicalist municipalities. Which could be also described as mutually cooperative autonomous anarchist city-states organized by radically democratic industrial unions (syndicates).

Groogroo.com now has a dedicated politics site. I hope it grows up to be cool. We also host a site for the Champaign-Urbana Critical Mass.

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