Submit to Zach's 'Zines!

I am currently interested in producing some print 'zines for a variety of topics but I lack to inspiration to write all the articles. If anyone wants to work on any of these topics please let me know.

Ani DiFranco
I want to put together a zine (with help from the crowd) that can be distributed at concerts. I have two goals, one is to get people connected to the fan community and another is to educate people about the value of respect at concerts (get those idiots to stop screaming in the middle of the good songs).
Leftist Muppet
I want anything on anarcho-syndicalism, radical labor, environmentalism, pacifism, intentional communities, free radio, feminism, or what ever else you think fits.
C-U Activist
A guide to activism in the Champaign-Urbana area. Blurbs and contact information for local activist organizations.

Any 'zines I produce would be published in paper and on the web. They would be freely reproducible. Those who submit articles would release all reproduction rights and would not be compensated (other than with the respect and admiration of all).

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