Zarf's Gallery

This is my space for showing off the works of my friends who don't have webspace of their own. There's everything from pictures, to words, to sounds in here. I'm going for completeness so there may be a lot of stuff here. The original artists may think some of this is old and/or lame, but ain't nothing that comes out of the creative mind thats lame; this is good stuff.

Urban Shocker - A musician who has a hard time believing he is one. He is a prolific song writer who plays the guitar as if it were part of him. His songs range from the wacky, to the personal, populated by quirky characters and images from daily life. Blues, folk, country, rock. Herein can be found his collected lyrics and some sound clips from his several bands. And he's my dad!

Nancy Miller - Where do people get eyes like this? From photography to beading, she tends to see and think of things that just make you go..."cool!". This is not to mention the furniture refinishing, and other large projects. Here is a small sampling of her huge volume of photography and beadwork designs. And she's my mom!

Rory Miller - This chick wails. She's been playing guitar for only a few years and she's a natural. Due to her multi-talents this space will contain drawings, music clips, and songs lyrics. And she's my sister!

The Duck - Once the poet lauriet of the Realm, Duck has been a close friend since even before the days of IMSA. He asked me to take his poems down several years ago because he decided they were embarrassing, but now that we're all older and a little less serious, I'm putting them back. These poems say a lot about who Duck was in those days, I like them, and the rest of y'all who think they are lame can bite it. These days Duck still writes so I expect this space will contain newer stuff too.

Random Bits of Zarf - These are all random things that I have written (some of them are collaborations). This is a very incomplete collection at the moment but hopefully it will grow.

Annie Mesich - This girl creates awesome works of art when she's just wasting time. Maybe its a family thing. Finger paints, pastels, scultures, she does it all.

The Alaskan Vacation Art Expo - I spent a week in Alaska hanging out with some of Annie's friends and we all busted out the oil pastels and made some pictures.

Tattoo Art - Lots of people I know have awesome tattoos from a variety of artists. Here they are all in one place.

Unfinished Galleries

I haven't written blurbs or created index pages for these galleries yet but I do have some raw art images.

If you'd like to have something shown in the gallery just send me some email.

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